As President and Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) of the Tomaro Design Group – Building Division, Ryan emphasizes the importance of both contractor and architect involvement throughout the entire design and construction of a project.


• President and Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) of Tomaro Design Group – Building Division
• Bachelor of Science in Design, Arizona State University, summa cum laude
• Master of Science in Civil Engineering, degree in Construction Management, University of Illinois
• Master of Architecture, University of Illinois
• Licensed Architect in California since 1998
• Licensed Contractor in California since 1998
• Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)
• Member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC)
• LEED® Accredited Professional since 2009

Ryan's enthusiasm for design and building began when he was very young, with countless hours spent assembling and re-assembling building block toys. Growing up in Colorado, he cleaned construction sites for extra money, and later spent summers as a carpenter and architectural intern. Upon graduating from the University of Illinois, Ryan chose to begin his career at a small company with a very bright future. Since that pivotal decision in 1994, he has ascended from architectural draftsman to President of the Tomaro Design Group – Building Division and has been instrumental and influential in the evolution of the company.

Ryan believes that architects should take cues from the project site, listen intently to clients, and conduct thorough research before putting pencil to paper. As a design develops, Ryan emphasizes the need for contractor involvement to provide expertise in how to bridge the gap between ideas and reality. Likewise, during the construction phase, Ryan brings an architect’s eye to the project to help ensure the accurate execution of the design. This combination of abilities and attention to detail are essential to ensure that client expectations are met or exceeded.

Ryan's responsibilities with Tomaro Design Group include:

Identifying and developing a project program, followed by schematic design and design development. Generating the design, budget, and schedule for a project, each in terms of the others. Directing the major stages of construction from shoring and foundations, through rough building systems, to ensure that design intent is achieved. Producing shop drawings to convey detailed information about complex building elements. Completing construction projects while staying true to design, budget and schedule.